Idea: FMC

William OBrien 28 days ago

My wife and I are members of FMC and enthusiastically enjoy and use the facility. Any support The City can provide would be very much appreciated.

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Paul Dunlap 26 days ago

The FMC is a jewel in Fullerton's crown. Their exhibits are always first class, educational, and informative. The weekly spring to fall farmers market, beer garden and concerts brings the entire community together in ways no other has or can in the city. The educational programs for both young and old whether painting or music are always topnotch. I for one would be willing to contribute to a tax deductible fund to help supplement its budget and I am sure I am not alone in this thinking. Please be creative and think of ways this can be preserved as its loss would truly felt by the residents of Fullerton and deprive us of this wonderful cultural amenity. Sincerely Paul T. Dunlap